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Case 4 - Research

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This is a research case, not a patient.


Medical History

PatNum: 77

Cause of Death: Lung cancer



5/5/2016, 7 am - Pronounced, body refrigerated.

5/6/2016, 6 pm - Brain removed and placed in formalin.  Refrigerated.

5/9/2016, 10 am - Arrived at OC facility.  Removed samples for electron microscopy.  Poorly fixed tissue was encountered at depths ranging from 5 to 20 mm.  Moved remainder to fresh formalin bath including 3% glutaraldehyde, refrigerated. 


This electron micrograph was taken of the anterior cerebral cortex. 



It shows that the quality of preservation was very poor and is essentially devoid of any intact synapses.  This was primarily because of the inability to perfuse.