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Case 6 - Training

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This is a training case, not a patient.


Medical History

PatNum: 80

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer



5/18/2016, 1:00 pm - Pronounced


8:00 am - Arrived at our facility

8:20 am - Started cannulating right carotid artery. 

8:35 am (19.5h post-pronouncement) - Started washout with PBS at room temperature, approx 90 mmHg manually controlled. Washout proceeded normally, with effluent seen at both jugular veins.  Clamped left carotid artery one minute into washout.

8:50 am - Started perfusion with 3% glutaraldehyde, phosphate buffered, room temp, approx 90 mmHg. Both sides became fixed, but the right side proceeded faster and had better results.  There was an error in the solution mixing, so this case is considered to be compromised.  Samples will not be taken for electron microscopy.

9:35 am - Stopped perfusion

Skull removed to directly observe brain.  Brain was well fixed.