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Manual - Software, Patient Care Vault

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This software is only installed on a single computer in the patient care vault.  Its purpose is to monitor the levels in the dewars and to notify staff if there are issues.


You must always leave this window up after using this computer in order for it to show on the security camera.



The software is not installed by running an .exe installer.  It is instead installed by carefully copying files. 


1. Determine which folder the software will be "installed" into.  This is usually C:\CryoPtCareVault\. 


2. If it's already installed, delete the files within C:\CryoPtCareVault\ but do NOT delete the folders.  The dated folders will remain in case you need to revert due to crashing.


3. Copy the most recent dated folder from the network \\Storage\Software\CryoPtCareVault\ into the local C:\CryoPtCareVault\.


4. Copy the files from this folder directly into the C:\CryoPtCareVault\ folder.  So now the files will be in two places on your local hard drive: one to run and the other to act as an archive.


5. Click to run the exe or use an existing shortcut that should still point to the same location as before



This computer is connected to National Instruments Data Acquisition hardware.  Instead of a DAQ Wiring Box, we wire directly into the modules as follows:

9174 - 4 slot USB Chassis

9211 - 4 channel thermocouple

9203 - 8 channel analog input, 0-20 mA.  See the 9203 section of DAQ Wiring Box for exact wiring.

Each dewar sits on a Scale that outputs mA, so the computer monitors the weight.  In addition, there is a thermocouple at the low level



Click the Start Monitoring button at the upper left.  The dewars being monitored will show in the window, along with sliders indicating their levels, according to the scales.  The blue LEDs show that the thermocouples (TCs) at those depths are currently measuring below -185.  The current time and status are at the upper middle, designed to be easily visible on the security camera that staff has online access to.


If a TC or scale registers a low level, it will show on the status.  It will also send an immediate text message to all staff so that something can be done about it. Upon receiving the text, the closest available person generally goes to personally check the level.  Dewars are reliable, so the alarm system is not so much for dewar failure as for other problems.  One example of when this alarm will prevent damage to patients is if someone forgets to put a lid back on a dewar, and the liquid nitrogen boils off overnight.


Using the Scale

See the Scales page