Oregon Cryonics
A Non-profit Organization

Reanimation Fund

The Reanimation Fund allows wealth preservation for all patients through simple overfunding above the standard Funding level.  Overfunding is specifically reserved and used for the person who provided the funding rather then going into any sort of pool to be used by others. This is in contrast to the Patient Care Fund (PCF) which is combined for all patients.  The PCF may be adequate for storage costs, but not for certain kinds of risks such as legal challenges or a sharp increases in storage cost.  The Reanimation Fund also provides the additional resources that might be necessary for earlier revival, reintegration, and living expenses.


All overfunding goes into the Reanimation Fund rather than into the general fund.  The initial amounts are recorded individually by patient.  Upon revival, the intent is that all principal plus growth would be paid back to the patients who had originally contributed.


The assets of the Reanimation Fund are split between mutual fund investments and real estate.  The real estate investments serve the dual purpose of asset growth as well as providing facilities for cryonics use.  The singular most important piece of real estate is obviously our patient cryopreservation and storage facility.  There are clear advantages to owning our buildings.  It provides long-term stability and also gives us the freedom we need to perform our procedures without interference from landlords.  In many ways, this is similar to the way Alcor's PCT has invested heavily in the ownership of the Alcor facility. 


In all cases, the Reanimation Fund is for investments only.  It is specifically NOT used for any other purpose such as equipment, staff, or operating expenses.  Every decision is made with the intention of carrying the wealth forward into the future.   Building ownership would not reduce operating costs for Oregon Cryonics by providing any sort of "free rent".  The landlord Reanimation Fund would be paid fair market rent from the Oregon Cryonics operating account.