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Case 7 - Training

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This is a training case, not a patient.


Medical History

PatNum: 83

Cause of Death: CVA



5/31/2016 3:30am - Pronounced

6/01/2016 10am (31.5h post-pronouncement) - Cannulated.  The common carotid arteries were too short to cannulate, so the internal carotid arteries were dissected and cannulated.  Due to heavy calcification, smaller 15 gauge blunt needles were used as cannulae.  Flow was observed from both vertebral arteries as soon as perfusion began, and they were both clamped.  A blood clot immediately came loose from the right jugular vein, and flow was good.  Effluent from the left jugular vein was never observed. 

Washout with PBS at room temperature, approx 95 mmHg manually controlled, 15 minutes.

Perfusion with 3% glutaraldehyde buffered with PBS, room temp, approx 95 mmHg. 

2:30pm - Perfusion complete.  15 L of fixative was used, although the left cannula was leaking, so only about 10 L passed through the brain.

After perfusion, the tissue around both eyes was observed to be well fixed.

6/10/2016 - Skull removed to directly observe brain.  Brain was essentially unfixed.  Perfusion had not been even close to adequate.