Oregon Cryonics
A Non-profit Organization



There is no initial or annual cost for membership.  We are currently accepting members on a limited basis.


Paperwork is typically returned by mail, but may be returned by scanning and emailing to this email address.

Sign and return two copies of the Cryopreservation Agreement

Sign and return a Document of Gift and Informed Consent

After we send you back countersigned copies, you are officially a member.


The fees below apply both to Members and to Next of Kin preservations.  Standby Funding levels and general Funding mechanisms are explained separately.


Brain Preservation


This is our standard procedure.

$25,000 brain preservation ($8,000 to PCF, $17,000 for preservation and other expenses)

$6,000 transportation. (see below)

If perfusion is not attempted, then a discount of $6000 may be given.


Braincase Preservation

$5000 additional (to PCF)

In some situations, the brain cannot be removed.  The typical example is when the tissue has already been frozen.  The only option is to store the brain within the braincase, raising the storage costs.  All other tissue is removed prior to storage.


We do not offer head or whole body preservation services.


Standby or Transportation

In all cases, funding must be added and available for Standby or Transportation.  If funding of at least $6000 is available for transportation, then that is considered adequate and will guarantee transportation.  Lesser amounts for transportation may put other services at risk and may require downgrading them.


Liquid Storage


Storage in aldehyde.  This can be used for either temporary or permanent situations in which funding is not available for cryopreservation.  It can also be used when the initial preservation quality is so poor that the expense of cryopreservation cannot be justified.  We will accept and store any brain that is sent to us.  Payment is not required in advance.


Next of Kin Preservation

Paperwork is typically returned by mail, but may be returned by scanning and emailing if urgency is required. Contact Us.

Sign and return the Preservation Agreement.

Sign and return a Document of Authorization.

Arrange payment.


Pet Preservation

Pet Preservation



Procedure Overview