Oregon Cryonics
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End-of-Life Options

All patients have a variety of end-of-life options, including:

-Discontinuing aggressive and unhelpful medical treatment

-Hospice and palliative care.

-Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

-Palliative sedation

-Oregon Death With Dignity Act


Patients should make these difficult decisions in consultation with their families and physicians.  We do our best to support any legal end-of-life choices made by patients.


The Oregon Death With Dignity Act (also see FAQ) was passed in 1997 and upheld by the US Supreme Court in 2006.  It gives residents of Oregon the right to end their lives through voluntary self-administration of lethal medications prescribed by a physician.  There is no minimum time for establishing Oregon residency, and it's simply up to the physician to decide whether the residency requirement is met.


In order to help facilitate the widest range of end-of-life choices possible, we plan to establish a Patient Room in our facility.  Making use of this room would avoid damaging delays caused by transportation.  It could also avoid delays in pronouncement of legal death, a common problem in cryonics.