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DAQ Refractometers


See DAQ Wiring Box

See Manual - Refractometers for information about handheld refractometers and software usage.


We no longer use inline refractometers.  This page is here for historical reference only.


Inline Refractometers

Historically, the AFAB model PR-111 refractometer was used in cryonics.  Calibration was very complex and prone to failure.  Recently, a change has been made to Atago.  Our inline refractometers are Atago model CM-800a.  The output is 4-20 mA.


Hardware Connections

The Atago CM-800a has 3 round connector ports on the bottom.  One of them is the recorder output terminal, an Omron M12 round connector, 4 pin, B-Inverse coding, female receptacle.  A recorder cord was purchased from Atago, model RE-5635, M12 male plug on one end and 2 spade connectors on the other.  The spade connectors were cut off, and an M12 female connector attached (3-2271118-1).  This connects to the male plug (3-2271135-2) on the wiring box and allows quick substitution of cords.


Pin Panel jack pigtail color Atago Cable
1 Brown Red
2 White Black
3 Blue  
4 Black