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The Chassis all use a floating ground.  The chassis case itself is true ground, which is a different second ground.  Our 2-prong 12V power supply is also a floating ground, which is the reason it doesn't have a ground prong.  For the most part, we don't need to worry about ground.  There are only a few specific situations that require a true ground:
-All 3-prong plugs must be connected to proper 3-prong outlets with quality building ground.
-Chassis cases should be connected to that same true ground by a green wire running to the UPS.  This is just for safety.
-Be aware of static buildup on yourself and any equipment.  Learn to always dissipate static before working on the box internal wiring.
-Shielding around cables must always be grounded.  This grounding is most frequently incorporated into the connectors on each end.