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Instructions for Funeral Director or Pathologist

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Supplies needed:

-Metal shipping case

-Wood base air tray

-150 lbs ice initially

-200? lbs additional ice for shipping

-2 gallon ziplock bags, 4 boxes

-Roll(s) of pink insulation batting, at least 22 feet long.

-Styrofoam (aka polystyrene) sheet insulation

-Duct tape

-Plastic sheeting


Simple Cooling

If the aggressive cooling described below is not feasible, simply place the body in a refrigerator.


Aggressive Cooling

This is the preferred cooling protocol.  Bring a watertight container when picking up the body.  As soon as possible, put the body into the container and add enough ice to cover it.  Add a few inches of water to help transfer heat away from the body, but don't add too much or it will slosh during transport to the funeral home. 


Upon arriving at the funeral home, add more ice.  Let the water level rise so that it covers the body about 2/3.  As ice melts, add more ice and scoop out excess water.  Try to agitate the water manually or with a pump.  It will take about 3 hours for the body to cool enough, but longer if the person is overweight.



The metal case used for shipping should be well sealed.  Cut styrofoam sheets to fit on the floor and inside walls of the container.  Fill 1- or 2-gallon ziploc bags with ice.  Put down a layer of the ice bags on the floor of the container and place the body on top.  Place more ice bags all around the body, filling the container approximately 3/4 full, but without exceeding the typical 500 lb shipping limit.  Do not add water.  Seal the container and place it on the air tray.  Apply insulation batting to the outside of the metal container, holding it in place with tape.  Apply plastic sheeting over the insulation and tape the seams.  The purpose of the insulation batting and plastic is to prevent condensation from forming on the exterior of the container.  If cargo workers see condensation, they will assume the container is leaking.  Place the cover on the air tray.


Ship the body as quickly as possible to Oregon Cryonics at the Portland Oregon airport via airline cargo.



Local regulations and paperwork can frequently delay shipping the body.  For example, the offices that issue transit permits are all closed on weekends.  If the shipping is going to be delayed by a transit permit, the preferred choice is to chemically fix the brain tissue as described in below. If that is not feasible, then the leave body in refrigeration until shipping is possible.


Brain Preparation and Shipping

The hospital pathologist, forensic autopsy technician, funeral director, or other similar person will need the following instructions: