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Procedure Overview

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This is a simplified description of the procedures that are performed by Oregon Cryonics.  More technical descriptions may be found in our Manual



We should be contacted as early in the process as possible.  The details on this page are generic and may be very different for a given patient.


Standby and Transportation

Standby and Transporation


If there is time, a team is sent out days or weeks prior to legal death. Once legal death is pronounced by medical personnel, the team administers medications, begins chest compressions to circulate blood, ventilates with oxygen, and begins cooling the body as rapidly as possible with ice water.  The body is quickly moved by vehicle to a location where surgical procedures may be performed.  After many hours of preparation and cooling, the body is transported to Salem by truck or commercial airline.


Underfunded Standby and Transportation

If Funding is not adequate for a standby, then Layperson Stabilization may be used and a funeral director may arrange transport of the patient's body to Salem, Oregon as described in Instructions for Funeral Director or Pathologist.



Perfusion (pumping of liquids into the arteries) is performed to protect the fine structure of the brain and to prevent ice formation.  The brain is then cooled down to -196 Celcius.



The brain is stored in liquid nitrogen.