Oregon Cryonics
A Non-profit Organization

Member Portal

The Member Portal has been put on hold for a few years so that we can focus on some critical cryonics research.  Once we are ready to provide better membership services, we will open up this member portal to allow people to start signing up.  Until then, we mostly just offer services in next of kin situations.


All membership paperwork will normally be handled through the portal, so if you would like to become a member, the first step will be to create an online account.  Non-members will also be welcome to create accounts, and will not be counted as "members" in our statistics until all paperwork is signed.


Initial Features

The programming for the portal is completely done. These features are part of the initial release:


Security - Full encrypted https transport, only hashed passwords stored, no way to spoof the interface into revealing email in use, tracking and handling of brute force sign in attempts, database encrypted at rest, etc.


Status - A series of green, orange, or red lights that will show you how far you've progressed with membership paperwork.  Sign membership paperwork with a finger on your smartphone.


Information - A place to enter and update your basic demographic information like name, address, and phone numbers.


Documents - View, download, and print your documents.


Planned Features

The features listed below are only ideas to give us a roadmap to follow.  It's impossible to say when they will happen, or even if they will happen at all.


Insurance - Upload scanned documentation.  Keep information current.


Detailed Info - More extensive set of information, as required for death certificate.


Membership Growth Charts - Automatic and always current.


Membership Maps - See an anonymized visual distribution of members, grouped by city or possibly zipcode.


Messaging - Send secure messages to our staff, and read the replies in the portal.


Medical Status - Keep your medical details up-to-date


Risk Management - See and manage risks that can lead to poor cryopreservation, including being overweight, living alone, depression, substance abuse, dangerous activities, distance from facility, hostile relatives, degenerative brain diseases, social network, etc.  Feedback can help you make better decisions.