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Case 5

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Medical History

David Christiansen

PatNum: 40


Birthdate: 3/26/1971

Age: 45

Cause of Death: Heroin overdose


Member had been previously signed up with Alcor for many years.  Financial difficulties had made it impossible for him to provide any funding.  He had signed up wth Oregon Cryonics in 2014 and had moved to Oregon to increase chances of preservation.  The overdose was probably accidental.



10/1/2016 Saturday 23:52 - Pronounced

10/2/2016 Sunday 02:20 - Delivered to morgue and placed in refrigeration

10/3/2016 Monday

09:00 - Negotiated with Medical Examiner to expedite autopsy

13:57 - Autopsy complete.  Sectioned brain placed in chilled 10% NBF.

16:30 - Arrived at OC facility.  Transferred to new container with fresh chilled 10% NBF and 3% glutaraldehyde.  Placed in refrigeration.