Oregon Brain Preservation
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Next of Kin Preservation

Most of our customers are next of kin. That means you are working with us to preserved a loved one. Paperwork is typically returned by mail, but may be returned by scanning and emailing if urgency is required. Contact Us.

Sign and return the Preservation Agreement.

Sign and return a Document of Authorization.

Arrange payment.


Self Preservation

We also have a few customers who have arranged preservation for themselves. Oregon Brain Preservation does not have any "membership" option like you might find at Alcor or CI.  The closest thing we have is a preservation agreement filled out in advance. The procedures are very difficult for remote cases, so we generally only accept agreements in advance for people living in or near Salem, Oregon.  We will also sometimes accept an agreement from farther away as long as they understand that the procedure is unlikely to preserve any of their memories.  There is no initial or annual cost for such agreement.


Paperwork is typically returned by mail, but may be returned by scanning and emailing to this email address.

Sign and return two copies of the Cryopreservation Agreement.

Sign and return a Document of Gift and Informed Consent.

Will will send you back the countersigned documents.


The fees below apply both to Patients and to Next of Kin preservations.


Chemical Preservation


This is our standard and best procedure. The brain is preserved with aldehydes, and then stored in liquid in refrigeration. 



This is rarely done. This might apply if the body was straight frozen and liquid storage is not an option. It might also apply if the donor prefers cryopreservation rather than the standard chemical preservation for some reason.

$15,000 Cryopreservation of the entire head.

$5,000 Cryopreservation of the brain only.

We do not offer whole body preservation services of any kind.



We no longer charge for the perfusion step that precedes storage in the more ideal cases. The reason is because we regularly perform perfusions as part of research and maintaining proficiency. One more case is an opportunity rather than a burden.


Standby or Transportation

The fees above do not include any Standby or Transportation expenses. 


Pet Preservation

Pet Preservation



Procedure Overview