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Deborah Lynn Cheek

Born in Logan, West Virginia, raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


Birthdate: 06/09/1953

Age: 61

On the left in this photo:


Medical History

PatNum: 47

Cause of death: lung cancer

Chemotherapy July 2012



3/13/15 Friday - Pronounced at 8:32 AM.  Placed in refrigeration at hospital 20 minutes later.

3/14/15 Saturday - Son made initial contact with Oregon Cryonics.  County Coroner was not available until Monday.

3/15/15 Sunday - The other two children agreed to allow brain preservation.

3/16/15 Monday - Son worked on gathering the $1000 fee required by the forensic center for its services.

3/17/15 Tuesday - Son continued to work on the fee.

3/18/15 Wednesday - Son arranged transport from hospital to forensic center.  Transported by EMS at 5:30 pm.  Upon arrival at forensic center, placed in queue for the following day.

3/19/15 Thursday - 8 am Brain removed and transferred to formalin.  Placed in refrigeration for three weeks.

4/09/15 - Drained and shipped overnight.

4/10/15 - Arrived in Oregon and placed in permanent storage in formalin.

9/14/15 - Placed in refrigeration.

1/15/16 - Moved to formalin with 3% glutaraldehyde in refrigeration.