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Case 2

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Medical History

PatNum: 64


Birthdate: 4/16/1956

Age: 59

Cause of death:

Detailed medical history still unknown


Son contacted us for services.  His mother was the next of kin, but she was agreeable to the son's wishes for preservation.  Finances were very tight.  Original funeral home was not cooperative, possibly because they wanted to be first in line to be paid rather than the pathologist who would remove the brain.  After days of battling with the funeral director, the son moved the body to a different funeral home that was more cooperative.  The pathologist was then able to come in.



10/20/15 - Date of pronouncement.  Placed in refrigeration.

10/26/15 - Son contacted us. 

10/27/15 - Pathologist was located who would remove the brain.

11/02/15 - Moved to another funeral home.

11/03/15 - Brain removed by pathologist at 14:20.  Placed in formalin and refrigeration for 2 weeks.

11/17/15 - Drained and shipped overnight.

11/18/15 - Arrived in Oregon and placed in permanent storage in formalin.  Refrigerated.

12/30/15 - Moved to formalin with 3% glutaraldehyde in refrigeration.