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Case - Pet 3

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Name: Growly






2/9/2017:  Owner contacted us one month after death.  Veterniarian had placed body in freezer.  We tried to discourage preservation due to the existing damage and further explained that we could not preserve anything but the brain.  Owner thought about it for a few more months, and then contacted us again to proceed.  

4/25/2017:  The owner placed the body in an ice chest with ice, and drove it to our facility.

6/15/2017:  Performed the procedure to isolate the braincase, while keeping the tissue frozen. 

7/28/2017:  Placed in liquid nitrogen for permanent storage.



Dimensions of the braincase:

A-P: 54 mm

L-R: 36 mm

Dorsal-Ventral: 37 mm


Mass: 45.6 g