Oregon Brain Preservation
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Pet Preservation

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The purpose of this service is to attempt to preserve the brain of a pet at the lowest possible cost.  This is not an interment service, and only the brain is preserved.



$400 for chemical preservation of the brain.

$1000 for cryopreservation of the brain with no perfusion

$2000 for perfusion and cryopreservation

We do not offer any preservation of entire pet bodies. These costs do not include cremation of unpreserved tissue, if desired.  They also do not include shipment to our facility or any services performed by others prior to shipment.



Paperwork is typically returned by mail, but may be returned by scanning and emailing to this email address.

Sign and return the Preservation Agreement.

Arrange payment.



See Instructions for Veterinarian.


Local Cases

Pets can be euthanized in Salem by a local veterinarian.  In those cases, we can perform immediate stabilization procedures at no additional cost.  Begin daily treatment with aspirin 4 days prior to euthanasia.  We will have the veterinarian administer heparin prior to euthanasia.  After pronouncement, we will perform essentially the same procedures as for a human. 



The chance of revival is unknown.  The quality of preservation with local euthanasia is going to be better with pets than with human patients because circulation is not interrupted.