Oregon Brain Preservation
A Non-profit Organization


Funding Level

Required funding levels are listed on the Services and Standby pages.  


If you are planning funding for decades down the road, you need to get funding in place that is significantly higher than the current cryonics fees.  The rates at all cryonics organizations continue to go up over time.  It can be difficult or impossible to know how much, so keep reviewing the amount, and try to keep raising it to stay well ahead of the curve.  If you are overfunded at the time of death, the extra funds will go into the general funds of Oregon Cryonics to keep the company strong.


If funding levels are too low, we will provide the next lower level of service.  Standby funding is complex, and higher funding will always help.


Funding Mechanisms


Life Insurance

This is the most common form of funding because the cost is low and the money is protected from creditors.  Get a Universal Life policy while still young and in good health.  If you get term life insurance while young, you will find that the annual cost will skyrocket as you move into old age, and you will end up cancelling it.  Some people cannot get life insurance due to existing medical conditions and must look into other kinds of funding.


The beneficiary should be Oregon Cryonics. Some insurance companies might balk at making our company the beneficiary, so you may need to work with an agent who has experience with cryonics.  We also need to be designated as the collateral assignee.  This allows us to be informed by the insurance company prior to the policy lapsing.  It also restricts the owner's access to the cash value to ensure that the funds are available when needed.



This is the most secure form of funding.  Prepayment should generally be made in full or in large installments rather than over time as small installments.  The prepayment will be automatically applied to your account as a credit and will be available to you later when services are provided.  Refunds are allowed, but might take up to 30 days for large amounts in the worst case scenarios.  Prepayments are always kept in our cash or short term investment accounts and are never borrowed against for other expenses.  Prepaid funding will not generate interest for the customer.


Alternative Funding

Other forms of funding are allowed but only a percentage will be considered "available" for use.  You can provide any proof of funding that you wish.  We will rate it on a scale of 1-10 for acceptability and reliability.  For example, $25,000 funding with a rating of 6 would only result in $15,000 being "available" for use.