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Manual - Perfusion

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Surgical Procedures/Access

As described in Surgical Procedures, perform a cannulation of the common carotid arteries. 



See Perfusion Circuit



See Cryoprotection Protocol



Leaving all cannulas and tubing in place, verify adequate cryoprotection with CT Scan.  If areas of the brain are not showing adequate cryoprotection, perfuse for additional time and then take another scan. 


Subzero Cooling

Continue with Subzero Cooldown and vitrification.



See Perfusion, Pets.



If cryoprotective perfusion is not possible, make a decision between straight freeze or Chemical Fixation.

If the patient arrives frozen, place on dry ice.  If funding for cryopreservation cannot be put in place, then the only option is cremation.  If funding issues are resolved, then begin Subzero Cooldown.