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Our practice management and EHR system is Open Dental.  In addition to patients, this software organizes vendors, potential customers, timecards, accounting, supplies, equipment, etc.  We have also added our own custom software for different functions.  Our software is all written in C# and is contstantly being improved.  Customized copies are available to any other cryonics organization that's interested.



The Containers section is available as a Plugin to Open Dental.  To access the plugin, click Oregon Cryo in the main toolbar.


Patient Care Vault

The Patient Care Vault Software is a standalone program installed on one computer in the patient care vault for emergency response.


Perfusion Monitor

The Perfusion Monitor Software is a standalone program which is only installed on the computers where it's needed.


Subzero Cooldown

The Subzero Cooldown Software is a standalone program installed on one dedicated computer used for the final cooldown.


Data Acquisition

See Data Acquisition